Saturday, 8 April 2017

Moving Forward

As the writing of The Wishcharmer Saga Volume 2 comes to a close, I have to look forward. Then, in kind, I will have to move forward. That doesn't mean leaving Wishcharmer behind. No, it only moves into a new stage of production. But that's something you probably already knew. With the first draft done, I'm off to the readers. These people get the first look at the story and give me some feedbacks. That's the junk I need. With that, I can fix stuff, tighten it up, and make the story better.

So, that's where Wishcharmer Volume 2 is headed. After that, it enters the dreaded stage. The one that Shadow Mountain Book 3 is in right now.


Yes, it's the absolute worst part of writing. But it has it's place. That place is far away from me... Where I can't smell it. Because it stinks, you see. Or... Smell...

Anyways... It's a thing.

So, what do I do while I'm pushing my story through the next few stages? Well, I have to commission some art for the book, and then there is the inevitable. Moving forward. Yes, there will be a poop load more Wishcharmer to come, and yes, I am moving towards that. But my sights are set on yet another adventure at present. A new adventure.

I know this blogé has sorta gone off the rails... And I know I said I would get it back on said rails... But I didn't.



Anyways... What was I talking about?

... ... ... ...

RIGHT! New adventure! WHat I am going to do is start taking you through the process of my writing. Of course, I won't be able to have you everywhere. That would spoil the story. But I will be updating you more... HONEST!

There are two projects I will be working on over the next couple months. Then it's a scheduled return to a dear old friend... With an orange head.

For now, I have two great projects sitting before me. The first of these is a type of story that I've always loved. If I can pull it off, it will be something special. I'm just now entering what you'd call the pre-production faze. This is where I'm casting the story with characters, and building the plot and what not. But that will be in another post. Soon...


Here's looking forward to a new adventure, and having you along for the ride.

--Post Script--

There are updates coming on the production of Wishcharmer Volume 2. I won't keep you completely in the dark on that score, you know. Art, characters, cover, and release... Look for it all here!
Really... It will be here.

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