Friday, 30 December 2016

The Wishcharmer Saga Update: Plotting The Second Saga

My wife will be happy to read this.

I am feeling a little crazy with all the stories I plan to get going this year, and I know it will be hard to get all of it done. I must say it's exciting, though. It feels like a really long time since I've been able to slip into this world. That's a shame to me, because I think it's a cool place to be. I really dig the characters, and the magic system gets me excited. Of course, I'm talking about the Wishcharmer Saga. If you didn't know that, I'm sorry to say you may not know what you're reading.

Well, rest assured, I think I know what I'm writing. And I am writing. Well, plotting, actually. I love and hate plotting. On the one hand, it's a cool way to get the story down. It's fulfilling because it's like a shorthand of your novel. There is a lot of joy that comes to you as you see the story take shape. On the other hand, once your story is forged, you still have to write it.

So, this is where I am at the moment...

Not very far, as you can see...

But the plotting has commenced.
I have general ideas for what happens in this book, and a few that follow it. I am mulling over the grand picture whenever I get a chance, and as always, this story excites me. The problem with plotting it is becoming apparent, though. I'm doing something with the Wishcharmer Saga that I've never done before. I'm trying to craft an epic that's easily accessible. Sort of a Manga without pictures. There are a lot of pieces I need to place, and they all have to work together.

When I left the story last, the heroes had just defeated a major villain. Now, at the commencement of the second saga, things need to pick up steam. So, I have been trying to get the structure right. Here's the thing... The book opens with a celebration. Rajhu, however, doesn't feel there is much to celebrate. To him, he's more trapped now than before.

It's a character scene to open the second book. I hope to make it exciting to read, but I often worry about slower scenes. I have a tendency to want to make something blow up in dialogue scenes. Sometimes these characters get talking and I get a little trigger-happy...

Well, if I can manage to get them through their talking without blowing up the building they're in, the adventure should begin shortly.

Sorry for the weird update. I'm still trying to figure out the format for all of this...

Wishcharming you a Happy New Year with lots of Adventure!


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  1. Yay! Glad to see #2 in the works, as number 1 was so great!!!