Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Welcome to the Forge...

What is the forge?
What is the Myth Smith?
... Man, am I excited to start this thing, but scared, too!
This is a place where stories are born. Where they are put into the fire and forged. Convenient title, hey?
All these stories are for the reading. They are to entertain, and for me to learn. I am practicing my craft. I am a myth smith. A smithy of myths and stories. Yeah, this is all pretty straight forward. Think of it as a serial story palace. A temple of fun, excitement, and adventure.
I won't guarantee perfection. I won't say I will be like some sort of clock with my updates, or anything...
What I will promise, is to try my very best, to put out something that will be exciting for you, and full of heart.
This is an experiment. But it is an experiment in total liquid awesome!
A new myth begins right away, people... keep your eyes open, okay?

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